Problem with Thumb and Resize

I have been trying to use thumb() and resize(). In each instance, the images are called up, but they are not resized. The stay the original size. Below I am using thumb with a height of 50. The image shows up at the original 500px size.

<?php foreach($subpages as $entrant): ?>
		<?php $th = $entrant->image1()->toFile();
			if($th): ?>
				<?php echo $th->thumb(array('height' => 50)) ?>
		<?php endif ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

The /thumbs folder is created, but empty. (I can’t recall if temp files are supposed to be there or not).

I am on Kirby 2.5.5

Any help would be appreciated!

Is the thumbs folder writable?

And does the source code really render the url of the original file ?

It says that I have read/write permissions on the thumbs folder (and the folders inside it, too).
Also the source code does render the url of the original file.

Is the GD library installed?

I don’t know, how would i check that?

You can check that with phpinfo()- Create a new file with that command in your webroot and call it in the browser.

I think that’s the problem. It doesn’t look as though it’s there.

Well, yes, if a section like this is missing:

Yes, I am enabling now. I had recently moved from Mamp to Ampps. That may explain why this problem has suddenly popped up!

Thanks for the help! :smiley: