The thumb() function seems to have no effect


I would like to get cropped square thumbnail for every image uploaded from the panel with a size of 400x400px. the tumb() and resize() functions doesn’t seem to work.
I apparently have the same kind of problem as documented in this thread but i don’t find any solution.

I have tried this autoresize plugin without any success.

My current settings are :

return [
    'thumbs' => [
        'driver'    => 'im', // I also tried gd driver
        'quality'   => 90,
        'presets' => [
            'default' => ['width' => 400, 'quality' => 90, 'crop' => true],

this is my blueprint for the image part :

  type: files
  label: Album cover
  info : Ne s'affiche que si le lien Bandcamp n'est pas renseigné.
  layout : cards
  query: page.images
    template: image
    back: white
  multiple: false

In my code i try to get the thumbnail url with :

$thumbnail = $article->thumbnail()->toFile()->thumb()->url();

I guess something is happening because I get the URL with these parameters at the end : “400x-crop-1-q90.jpg”
The problem is the result image isn’t modified at all, it is just the full size image without any modification.

I checked and imagick extension is activated server side. Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you for your help : )

Have you checked with phpinfo if gd is enabled?

for the im driver, you might have to add the path to the convert binary in your config.

See also: Issues with imagick on live server - #5 by kirbyzone

Thank your for your quick answer, yes i just checked and gd is also activated, i just gave it a new try and i get the exact same result

Have you also tried to do pass parameters explicitly?

if ($thumbnail =  $article->thumbnail()->toFile() ) {
  echo $thumbnail->crop(400,400);

Okay, your link gave me the solution :

I just had to allow exec on from my hosting panel.

Thank you so much : )