Images not resizing or cropping (an image library helps)


The images are being generated, they have the URL of the cropped version or resized version, however they are not actually being cropped or resized. Code works fine on WAMP but on a dev production server it isn’t working.

What info do I need to trouble shoot this?

So there are no thumbs in the media folder? Or they are not loaded?

Which library are you using, gd or im?

The media folder has thumbs, they’re just all the same original file as far as i can tell.

You haven’t answered my second question yet…?

Sorry, yes I’m checking the environment of the server right now.

is it me, or is there not one listed here? I only see GD Imaging listed in the credits at the end.

Sorry, I feel quite defeated by this one.

Edit I looked on my WAMP and see the GD lib, so yeah, i’m not seeing an image library in the live server. I will get that enabled, I figured it wouldn’t even create the new images without a library but i guess i’m wrong? Still confused why the environment wouldn’t have this setup.

You can go ahead and delete the thread. I’ll make sure the server is properly configured now.