Thumbnail files not created


I’m upgrading an older project from v2 to v3. Everything is working fine except for thumbnails. My images are showing up on rendered pages, and jobs files are being generated in the media/pages folder.

When I take a look at the source code I see image url’s like this one: http://localhost/media/pages/listen/parry/b1423b4ea0-1653423464/imf-dsc-7555-600x.jpg
But when I visit it I get the original image instead of a scaled thumbnail.

I’m probably just missing something, can someone push me in the right direction? Thanks!

Make sure the GD library is installed and enabled on the server.

Both GD and Imagick are installed and enabled. I’m running the site locally in docker with php8 apache.

And which thumbs driver is set in your config?

I tried both. GD is the default driver, is it not? I also tried setting Imagick with and without the bin configured.

Are generated image files supposed to show up in the media folder? In the same location as jobs?

Yes, you should get the Panel thumbnails and the thumbnails you use in the frontend . Thumbs are created on the fly when their url is called.

Note that Imagick is not the same as ImageMagick. Imagick is a PHP extension not used by Kirby

And yes, GD is the default driver used when nothing is set in your config

That worked. I was installing the php-extension, not the ImageMagick package itself. Thanks!
Could that also be the case for GD?