Images do not get cropped, but get added to .jobs

Hi there,
I am trying to use the crop feature for the first time. On my local setup (macOS, PHP 7.4), it works just fine, but as soon as I upload the page to the webserver (, PHP 7.4), the cropped images are not created. The site loads without errors, but the cropped images are all missing.


Jobs for the images get created though:

I also checked the phpinfo, if gd works, it is enabeled and I assume it should work fine?

Any idea, what could be wrong here or how I could debug this? Thanks!

(Edit: and the resizing of images – without cropping – works btw.)

Hm, that’s weird. If thumbs had not worked at all, ok, but if only cropping does not work…

Are you using any plugins? Have you tested with a fresh Starterkit?

Hi Sonja, thanks for the reply.
After testing the starterkit successfully, it turns I messed up my git syncing and still had some older stuff in there, which included the use of the Focus plugin. The cropping via the focus plugin does not work indeed, but when I switch to Kirby’s onboard crop, it now seems to work.
Sorry for the fuss.

With the Focus plugin, you have to use the focusCrop() method.

Yes, I know. I thought this was creating issues initially. But now after I do a clean git clone onto the server and let the entire media folder recreate, it works both for the regular crop() as well as for the focusCrop(). I have no idea what went wrong.