Subpage - Build Woes

This build feature is pretty straight forward, but I can not get it to work. Maybe you folks can assist. Here’s my blueprint.

title: Client
    title: Email
    uid: email
    template: creative
    num: 1
    title: Social Media
    uid: social-media
    num: 2
    template: creative
    title: Video
    uid: video
    num: 3
    template: creative
    title: Re-Targeted Ads
    uid: re-targeted-ads
    num: 4
    template: creative
    title: Direct Mail
    uid: direct-mail
    num: 5
    template: creative
  preview: true
  status: false
  template: false
  url: false
    label: Title
    type:  text

I want it to create a ‘client’ page and have these 5 subpages (email, video…)? Do you spot something off here?

Why does the documentation have these dashes (shown in screen shot below)?

Because they must be there :wink: and are missing in your blueprint.

I think that very funny. Isn’t that unusual though… those dashes? Anyway… I’m glad it was an easy fix. Thank you so much for the quick help.

Well, how would the Panel know where a new item starts without the dashes? And no, they are not unusual, we have them in several places, e.g. a list of allowed templates for subpages.

Looks for the repeat of title? I don’t know. How does a atomic bomb work? Boom.

Thanks again. You’re awesome!