Subpage Builder, failed on live panel


my panel blueprint for building a simple page with subpage works like a charm on my development system but failed on live page.
Every time i run the add-page function with the specific template, only the fields are created without any subpage ( title field in the following example ). Building the subpages with the template blueprint ( e.g. column or columnimages ) works on both setups, development and live.


title: entry
deletable: true
preview: false
files: true
        - title: text
          uid: 01-text
          template: column
        - title: images
          uid: 02-images
          template: columnimages
        label: Title
        type:  text
        placeholder: Title

Are there any known problems with the subpage builder?

Do the templates “column.php” and “columnimages.php” exist on your live server in the path “site/templates/”?

Did you test the lines “num: 1” and “num: 2” from

Yes, the templates exist on my live server. Also, if I add a single page with the template which get called by the blueprint, the single page creation still work. Only the build via subpage builder won’t work.

The lines “num: 1” and “num: 2” has no effects for my case. Will dive a bit deeper into the sources…

also having this issue. not working on live server. any solution highly appreciated :wink:

I tested this on my localhost and could not even make it work there. This needs some more testing, also with the decruft version.

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Seams like, issue fixed in Kirby 2.2.0 :relaxed:

Yes, we tested the subpage builder for the new release quite extensively. Couldn’t find any issues. I hope it’s fine for all of you now.