Blueprint title not show correctly in page create modal


Thank you for your answers.

Your answer to my first question is super.

Thank you for agreeing to my position in my second question, but I don’t find that an editor/user in the Kirby panel will agree to the current solution in the panel.
I look for an option, to change this.
Because this behavior follows another new way, that is deeply different from the behavior of Kirby 2. And I have to develop websites, that use Kirby 2 for years. A break would be very bad for long-term users of the panel!

And I have a new question:

3. When I add a new subpage, I see:


How can I change the “name” of the new template in my red line of this hardcopy?

Looks like your blueprint is missing a title. Please check out the examples in the new Starterkit to get a better idea of how to build the new blueprints.

title: Default Page

No, e.g the file site\blueprints\pages\default.yml starts with:

title: Default Page
text: Standard-Seite
headline: STANDARD-page
# other lines follow

I cannot use the given presets, because they have for my old Kirby 2 websites a wrong order of the two coloums in the panel view. The pages in Kirby 2 are on the left side!

Hm, that is weird, it should show Default page and does in my Starterkit, it’s only when I remove the title that the template shows up as Pages/default.

On a side note, what is text and headline supposed to be?

… was a test to get an own answer in front of asking here.

Here is my blueprint site\blueprints\pages\default.yml, if I delete these two lines:

title: Default Page

  # sidebar
  - width: 1/3

      # a list of subpages
        type: pages
        headline: Seiten
          - default
          - article

      # a list of files
        type: files
        headline: Dateien

  # main
  - width: 2/3

      # a simple form
        type: fields
            label: Intro
            type: textarea
            help: This is the introduction for this "Default" page.
            label: Text
            type: textarea
            help: This is the "Text" of this page.

There is no difference, if I delete these two lines.

Works for me…

I run XAMPP 7.2.15 – Apache/2.4.38 (Win64) PHP/7.2.15 on Win10.


After playing around with this blueprint, I found the cause!
I had saved it in the format “UTF-8 with BOM”, which shows this effect.
Now I saved it in the file format “UTF-8 without BOM” to get your behaviour.

But I consider this to be an unpleasant behaviour when interpreting blueprints.

Please correct…
[Added #2:]
May be, you want to add the file “\.editorconfig”:

charset = utf-8

This only prevents this error, if the editor software reads this file.

I changed this in the other blueprints and they now show also the title in that dialog!

Could you please create an issue on Github about the BOM problem. I think we can solve this:

No sorry, I have no Github account.

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May I ask why you don’t want to create a GitHub account, considering that you are following what is happening on GitHub quite regularly?

After upgrading to Kirby 3.1.3-rc.1 the old blueprints in the format “UTF-8 with BOM” are now working correct.

Thank you and your team!