New pages always being created as default.txt


I seem to have a problem where new pages created from the panel are always named default.txt. This is obviously a problem because that means they always use the default template/blueprint.

For example:

  • newpage.yml is in site/blueprints/pages
  • newpage.php is in site/templates
  • When I create a new page from the panel, I choose ‘new page’ from the template selection dropdown
  • The new page is created as default.txt anyway

Why is the system ignoring my template preference when creating the new page? I know my newpage.yml and newpage.php are correct because when I manually rename default.txt to newpage.txt everything works as intended.

Forcing child pages to use a specific template by specifying it in the parent blueprint works fine. However choosing a template from the drop-down menu seems to be broken for me.

The above settings should create a file called ‘error.txt’, but it creates ‘default.txt’ instead. I have multiple templates and no matter which one I choose the system always creates ‘default.txt’.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I’ve done more testing.

It appears that Kirby is working fine – the real issue is that the template dropdown is broken in Microsoft Edge.

If I use the template dropdown in other browsers, the correct template is used to create the new page. If I use the template dropdown in Edge, it will always select the FIRST option, regardless of what the user has chosen.

Seems to be some kind of weird UI issue.


Maybe this is somewhat related:


Yes, I posted that on github after I found out what the problem was. :blush:


I know, that’s why I posted it here for reference, so that other people who run into this know that there is already an issue on GitHub.

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