Kirby calls default.yml instead of home.yml on panel

Hello… sorry newbie question but i’m getting mad
I’m trying to setup my blueprints for the home page of my site, i created a page called home, i have a home.php template at site/templates/home.php, and a home.yml located at site/blueprints/pages/home.yml
Kirby is calling the default.yml blueprints instead of home.yml, what am I doing wrong ?
Thanks ! : )

ok, I investigated server side and I noticed kirby created the file page.txt inside of content/1_home/ folder
I renamed it home.txt and everything is working fine now.
Why is kirby doing this ? do I have to rename every text file in content in order to make things work ? i’m very confused

When you create a new page via the Panel, the newly created page content file gets the name of the blueprint selected in the create page dialog.

Since the home page is usually not created new but is present because required, it had a different file name.

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