Panel page using default.yml instead of corresponding blueprint

Hey everyone! Back once again with what I’m sure is a very simple question that I can’t seem to crack.

Basically I’m building my second site using Kirby, and when clicking on a page (named projects) in the panel I’m given the default blueprint instead of my blueprint (blueprints>pages>projects.yml)

My file structure is as follows:


(no projects.txt or _drafts folder, which I’m assuming is part of the issue)


When navigating to the projects page in the panel (mysite/panel/pages/projects) it is using my default.yml template and not the projects.yml one. I have a feeling that it is because the projects folder is somehow not declared as a page, though I am unsure how to make it so that it is.

Could you please add the names of the content files both of the projects page and its subfolders in your file structure (or just tell us what they are)?