Weird behavior in the choice of the blueprint

Hi all, Is there any other setting besides the name of the text file in the content folder to choose which blueprint is used in the backend.

I have in /content/equipment/kanus/equipment.txt the data for the page. However, the /site/blueprints/pages/equipment.yml blueprint is not used.
If I rename the text file and the .yml file to gear.txt and gear.yml, for example, or product.txt and product.yml, everything works as it should.

Somehow I can’t find a reason for this. Does anyone have any idea where I can look?

Thanks a lot!

If the text file is called equipment.txt and you have a blueprint equipment.yml, this blueprint should be used. The only reason when this is not the case if you have any extra text files in the page folder that don’t belong there, ie. not a page text file or a file metadata file that belongs to an existing file. Make sure there are no typos in the file names.

I know it sounds weird. I checked typos 5x and also overwrote the filename via copy&paste. It is so strange. Every name except equipment works. Is there maybe the possibility to debug to see where kirby looks for which blueprint?

It’s hard to make a mistake in the first place. Kirby works straight foward in my opinion. Any by the way, thanks a lot.

Have you created the pages with that blueprint manually or via the Panel?

I can’t say exactly - i think both. But I have just tested it again. If I call the Blueprint gear, I can create a page and I get the correct fields displayed in the backend. If I call it equipment, I can also create a page, but then I get the fields from my default.yml.

That is really weird. I just tested it myself in a starterkit and created a simple equiment.yml and then a page with that blueprint and it works without issues. So it shouldn’t be a problem with the name of the file.

Do you use any custom code, plugins?

No nothing so far. The only thing, I’m using a rather complicated setup with Tailwind, PostCSS and Docker. But it seems to be a small thing. I just don’t understand or find it.
As I said, would you have any idea how I can debug it, or are there any dependencies of folders or settings in the yml-File?

No, not really. Can you rule out Docker related permissions issues with files created via the Panel? Or does this problem only happen for pages with this one blueprint?

It’s just that particular blueprint. I can create the pages via panel or file system without errors or problems. IMHO it must have to do with the terminology equipment, however as you said not in general with Kirby, but in my installation. I mean it is not bad, because the workaround is simply another Blueprint name - I would just like to understand it. Anyway, thank you for your effort.