Document folder name, default.txt and template selection?


the question may / certainly has been asked several times. Unfortunately, the issue is not clear to me.

When I create a page and publish it, the Kirby content folder contains the respective folder and a TXT document. Does the name of this TXT document always refer to the template to be used?

When I create a page in the starter kit, the name is always default.txt. In the Notes always note.txt. No matter what the actual name is.

In the About folder there is about.txt, why? Where was this enabled? How can I enable in the panel to select or automatically use a different template?

When I create a page “Project”, ideally it should automatically use the template project.php, which is in the Templates folder. But unfortunately it does not because of the default.txt that was created.

I have approximately (:slight_smile: understood that here the appropriate blueprint plays a crucial role.
These options are inherited?

Thanks for some clarity!

The blueprints/templates that can be used are defined in the pages sections via either the template or create properties.

Pages section | Kirby (you need to scroll down a bit to get to the templates option.

Starterkit example: starterkit/notes.yml at main · getkirby/starterkit · GitHub

So the TXT file name does always refer to the template, right? It does not reflect the document name?

  - default
  - test

Unfortunately I am not able to change the template from the panel.
There are those options but I don`t know where to add them…

  - default
  - test
  - default
  - test

What is the difference between templates and changeTemplate?

Thanks much in advance,

No, not the title of the document.

Without context, we cannot tell if your settings are correct. Please post the complete section definition or if need be the complete (shortened) blueprint.

changeTemplate belongs in the blueprint options, and defines if the user is allowed to switch between the available templates for the subpages.

Ah, I got it :wink:

Those discussions were a great help!