Difference between changeTemplate and template


What is the difference between the option changeTemplate and template?

Maybe Iā€™m bad at reading documentation :stuck_out_tongue: but I feel like the documentation is a bit confusing between panel template and HTML/PHP template (for pages).


The changeTemplate option in a page blueprint defines whether or not an editor can change the blueprint that is used to render the form for a page in the template (and yes, it should probably be called changeBlueprint).

Blueprint is the file that creates the form for a page/file in the Panel.
Template is the file that is used to render a page on the frontend.

I agree that the naming is a bit irritating. The blueprint also set the name for the text file. That means, if you create a new page in the Panel using the note.yml blueprint, the resulting textfile is named note.txt. This page will then be rendered in the frontend with the note.php template if that template exists (otherwise with the default.php template).

So really, blueprint and template are related concepts.

Thank you texnixe :slight_smile: