Blueprint "name" vs "title"

What’s the difference between those two attributes? The presets kirby comes with define a name, while the docs mention that every blueprint has to have a title.

Which presets?

Page, site, user, and file blueprints have and must have a title.

Only block blueprints have a name attribute (but no title attribute).

/kirby/config/blueprints/pages/default.yml and /kirby/config/blueprints/files/default.yml. They don’t seem to be presets but what is the name for anyway? Sorry all the questions, I’m new to Kirby 3 (coming from version 2) and feel kinda overwhelmed with all the config. '3 got alot more complicated than 2.

The name of a blueprint consists of the type and a name that are defined by the default through the folder into which you put a blueprint, e.g. /site/blueprint/pages/home.yml will result in a blueprint name property pages/home. When you register a blueprint in a plugin, you also provide this name as key, see Blueprints | Kirby CMS

If you don’t provide a title, Kirby will fall back to the blueprint name, so that blueprints will appear in the list with their capitalized name instead of the title:

So the title is not really required but should be used and the title is translatable, whereas the name is fixed.

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