Blueprint code for presets?

I’ve run into this problem a couple of times, where I am working off a blueprint preset like lets say, pages, and at a point in the development process I need to expand or more finely articulate the preset. It is often the case that I cannot just add a bit of code to fix it, but rather i need to change the code of the preset itself, which often is difficult because I feel like i need to guess the structure of the preset. Is the code for blueprint presets somewhere in the documentation, or the kirby folder?

Thanks in advance

Presets don’t have a lot of options, you can find them in the docs:

If you need more flexibility, you have replace presets with custom tabs, columns, sections etc.

I’m aware that the presets don’t have a lot of options, but I often start to work with them instead of developing the whole blueprint from the start. It helps with time and gives you a sense of how things come together.
I am just wondering if the presets are somewhere in the kirby applications written as blueprint code? I would like to be able to just customize them, instead of writing everything from scratch.

No, they are defined in /kirby/config/presets/. It wouldn’t be a good idea to overwrite the source code anyway.

But you could write blueprints that you can then extend instead of using the blueprints.

I’d create a set of building blocks that you need often and that you can then reuse in your projects.

Sooner or later creating blueprints will get easier with what is in the pipeline for Kirby…

Yeah, I have to say that there is something very impractical about the way blueprints are written. That’s just me complaining though, I have been able to get very good usability out of them regardless.
Thank you for your tips.