Using Files preset to create galleries

I’d like to set up a Kirby site to show my wife’s paintings.
My plan is to show them in 3 separate galleries - Drawings, Oil paintings and Water colors. The idea is that each gallery will appear in a separate tab on the page.
After going thru the documentation, specifically the preset, seems to me I I should use the Files preset. I need some (actually alot) of guidance on how to set all this up, what’s the folder structure (does this go under blueprints or do I create a layout folder) what are the file names are they .txt or .yml files, where do I store them and what’s the content? Should I do this manually or use the panel?
Any help greatly appreciated

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Are we talking about tabs on the frontend here? Or do you mean you want to set them up as tabs in the Panel?

The files preset is a good choice if your Panel is supposed to only show files. If the Pages are supposed to show additional information, or if you want to use tabs, maybe better create a blueprint without a preset or use the preset within tabs. All is possible, but we need an idea of what exactly you need.

Have you never worked with Kirby 3? The general concept with files and folders, templates and blueprints hasn’t changed that much compared to Kirby 2. The Panel setup has, though. Maybe go through the first chapters of the guide first to see where content is stored, what blueprints are and where they are stored etc. My draft article might also be helpful.

The Panel is totally optional, if you don’t have editors and editing files with a text editor is something you feel confident about, you can skip the whole Panel part.

The Panel is totally optional

Good morning Sonja, thanks for your reply.

Yes I wanted the 3 tabs on the front end. I feel more comfortable working without the panel. I have some experience working with Kirby but as I said it’s not clear to me the folders I should use for preset and layout files, their format and content. I’ll have a look at the links you suggest, and continue from there.


If you do not use the Panel, you do not need blueprints and therefore no presets…

Now I’m really confused - wasn’t that clear before either.
Could you please explain what my setup would look like without using the panel to show 3 galleries each in a separate tab on the front end


Ok trying to think for myself I create a php page, set up the divs for each tab, save it as the galleries page in the content folder. Now I need code to load all the images for each gallery - ( I have a sub-page for each gallery ) - not sure how to do this. I also want to include the Halka light box - I’ve installed it - but need to activate it for the galleries.
Thanks for any help