Looking for help with Project Workflow, 1st Time Kirby user

Hey guys,
I’m an intermediate web-developer who is trying to get more comfortable making sites with CMS. I have just gotten a couple of friends to commission a website from me, it is to look just like this:

I wanted to ask people if they had some suggestions as to how to about doing that with Kirby? I’ve installed Kirby just now, and I am just reading the documentation. But I’m at a bit of a loss as to how set up a website like this where my friends can upload a new image for the landing page carousel thru the use panel.
I know this has to be broken down into smaller chunks, but if people could even suggest a general roadmap for the project that would be great :slight_smile:

A quick general outline:

  • define the overall structure of your site (main pages and children if necessary), create a folder for each page
  • define the structure for each page (use fields to break down content into smaller parts)
  • once that is set, create the blueprints for the Panel with those fields (where the editors will later edit the content), pages that require different sets of fields will usually get different blueprints
  • create the templates for these different kind of pages. Templates define the HTML markup for your pages
  • style with CSS
  • come back to the forum with more specific questions

The most important part is planning ahead, rather than just jumping in.

Edit: On a side note: It’s ok to get inspired by what other people are creating, but I wouldn’t copy other peoples’ designs.

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On top of the above, you can use blueprints to store file meta data, which is useful for things like captions on images and alt tags. https://getkirby.com/docs/content/media

Kirby is really powerfully out of the box, but occasionally you may need a plugin to achieve something. There is a huge list of plugins here, and much more besides. https://github.com/jenstornell/kirby-plugins. For example, when dealing with images slideshows and galleries, I like to use the excellent Images plugin.

You may also want an article pager, like next / previous article buttons. This is explained here.