Proper way of handling portfolio with 'builder' pages

I’m working on a portfolio website that allows a user to create ‘projects’, and using this builder plugin add in re-usable sections to ‘build’ unique project pages. This is harder than I thought it was going to be (I’m new to Kirby), but I’m sure it’s possible.

As an example of something that I feel like I’m doing wrong; I tried adding a ‘files’ section to the builder but I’m only allowed to select images, not upload. To get around this, I created a new tab that the user can upload their images to and then select them, but this seems wrong to me and seems to be causing a lot of issues.

It’s hard to explain my problem, so maybe someone can take a look at this and tell me if I’m on the right track:

I feel like it’s getting this back-end stuff right that’s slowing down progress. Overall I just feel like I’m doing things wrong here.

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I didn’t have to time to run your code but i did pick through it on Github. The way I handled this was to use the columns layout in the blue print to make 2/3 column and and 1/3 column. I used the smaller one as a settings column. Thats where I put all my file & pages sections, and stuff like a toggle for adding it to the sites main navigation.

This particular page has side bar on it, so the theres a toggle there to flip it from the right to left side of the page… you get the idea.

Then i set up 3 separate builders (page body, sidebar, footer). That way I can make lots of different kinds of blocks.

Along the bottom I put my images section, since i like the tiles layout. Heres a screen shot of pretty much with what I have in it… it even has a gallery block :slight_smile:

I hope that helps. It saves you having to dedicate a tab for uploads and taking the focus away from the page. I didnt find this ideal myself, so I get your niggle :slight_smile:

In the upcoming feature release 3.2, the files field will get an upload option (like the textarea has). This will solve many issues with the current separation between having to add a files section for uploads and then a files field to select them, especially in a structure field/builder field context.

At the moment you still need to upload section and the workflow and setup of the pages should probably make sure that images are uploaded first, before the user deals with the builder where they can only select images. Once the new upload feature is available , you can then remove those sections.