Limit next and previous file buttons to files in specific Builder Block

I’m using the Kirby Builder plugin for a block of images. After uploading images I click on the first image to add captions/alt text for which I made a file blueprint. What I would like if the previous/next arrows in the file blueprint would be limited to the uploaded files for this specific block. Is there a way to achieve this with a dynamic template name maybe?

I think the only way to do that would be to create a second file blueprint, and set that as the template on the field in the builder block blueprint. This would have the side of effect of them not showing up in other files sections (unless you also give that the same blueprint which puts you back to square one).

I don’t think this would work or even make sense, because you would have to attach such a blueprint based on a single block in the builder and – to really make it work – even before the page is saved, so using a hook to assign a template after saving is not really an option. Also, you would need an indefinite number of blueprints, i.e. one per image block.

For such a setup using subpages as blocks would probably be the better option?

Thanks, for your replies.

@texnixe It might not make sense. But I’m in dialogue with the person adding content and clicking on each image separately and after that having to scroll down to the field and click on the next one doesn’t make sense either. I first had just a text based solution, with kirby image tags, but the visual approach was preferred. It’s not a big deal but it feels a bit off, so to speak. Subpages might complicate things because some of these pages can have subpages, some filtering might do the trick …

@jimbobrjames This block will be used say up to max of three times and I was thinking of creating three templates for these images (gallery-1, gallery-2, gallery-3) but not sure if it would be possible at all to assign a template per block created. I don’t mind if these images don’t show up elsewhere because they are used only in these blocks and quite a few of them also, so it would be better if they don’t.

Yes, I know, that’s not how I meant it.

@texnixe The subpages suggestion works out quite nicely actually. From a user point of view it’s nice to work on these collections of images on a separate page and I can make a nice card layout for this purpose.

How did you mean it …

As I mentioned above, this would only be possible after saving via a hook.

What I meant with “it doesn’t make sense” was, that it would be difficult to handle a potentially unlimited number of blueprints (ok, you said max 3) and that you can assign them only after saving the page via a hook. I did not mean that trying to make things easier for the editor doesn’t make sense :wink:.

lol well of course you didn’t! :slight_smile:

We have seen the light: we can have subpages with a nice clean way of working or a block with lots of images and distractions. The editor can decide, but I will be pushing in one direction.