Your Kirby Workflow

Hello guys, i have thinking a long time about a new community topic.

What i mean whit “Your Kirby Workflow”

in mean, what is the first thing what you do if you are working on a client project or creating a theme for Kirby, example:

  • i’m talking whit the client about the theme/design
  • what for features he need
  • maybe plugin wishes

i dont know, you can post what you want here about this topic.

My workflow whit Kirby

when i start to converting a template, i dont implement Kirby ! my first start point is to look at the code:

  • Understanding the CSS
  • What code is for what
  • adding features if i want that.

and then i’m implementing Kirby

Start Point whit Kirby

the first thing i create all my yml files that i need, and i start whit the site.yml and the meta informations, so whit the Header and Footer snippet.

i hope you understand this Topic a bit :sweat_smile:, have a nice week! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,



  • communicate with customer and outline what type of content and data
  • outline dependencies between several content/data structure to make sense and easy workflow for customer as well ( such as select fields get values, etc.pp ) - one entry, multiple uses


  • start building blueprints, controllers, templates, etc, css, js (from left to right)
  • communicate with customer and show samples (usually screenshots)
  • adapt to new ideas and requirements (usually people don’t know exactly what or how their needs are)


  • finishing touches, fixes, and updating.

that’s very roughtly of course.