Starting out with kirby, need a template for sidebar menu

Hi, I have a website I’d like to rewrite in Kirby - this is my first Kirby project.
I need to create a template for a page with header, content, footer and a menu in the left sidebar like this:

Would really appreciate an example template with menu in sidebar.
Thanks for your help

Hi David and welcome to Kirby,

maybe you can find something here:

Or do you want to rebuild the page as is?

Building your template in Kirby is really the same as building your site in HTML and CSS (with just the few additional PHP commands to fetch the content into your HTML skeleton).

A free theme with sidebar is this here:

Doesn’t have a header, but you could easily add that.

Edit 2: What is your exact problem with getting this to work in Kirby?

Hi Sonja, Thanks for your reply. I’d like to build something that resembles this page, and I don’t want to pay for a theme. I’d really like to see an example of all the different files that go together to form the page. Template, snippets, content etc. or an explanation of what goes where. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and don’t know where to start



Then may I suggest you check out Kirby’s Starterkit and maybe the theme I linked to together with the Getting Started Guide in the documentation. Together, they should give a a good idea, how the different parts work together.

Go through those docs and note down all the questions you have. Then come back here and ask specific questions. Otherwise, I would have to repeat everything that is already documented, which somehow doesn’t make sense, because I wouldn’t know where to start.

Ok thanks Sonja, I’ll come back when I have questions

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Ever gone to bed early dawn feeling you’ve hit a wall, and when you get up you find yourself way past it in the land of Kirby. You’ve read and Googled enough to find your way around and recognize the landmarks, it somehow feels familiar, childhood memories - I used to play in a place like this back in the 90’s - good to be back.

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