Newbie: adding a custon theme

Hey everybody,

i need help to implement kirby into my custom theme. I tryed several ways, but it didn’t work. To create my theme i worke with the css framework BASE. I’m newbie and need a step by step way form the .html to .php files and the correct folders. I workes with the docs on the kirby page but can’t find my mistakes. I want to include kirby in this theme or the resault, but now only made with html ->

Many thanks

Have you read the Getting Started guide?

The general procedure and file/ folder structure is explained there in detail.

Don‘t forget to turn on debugging in your config.php file:

c::set('debug', true);

I‘m afraid I don‘t really want to download a zip file, if we need this to answer your questions, maybe you can put it on GitHub?

I would suggest using Plainkit as a starting point. As @texnixe suggested, follow the getting started guide because this will explain the fundamentals of how Kirby works.

Basically you need to break down your html into snippets and templates. For instance, your main menu will become snippet that will be used on every template. Same for the footer. Any distinct area can become a snippet, apart from the main bit of text you have and image banner. These will be content for that page.

Additionally, you need a blueprint to match each template that has custom fields defined in it that will allow you to capture the content.

All this is explained well in the getting started guide.

This is only necessary, of course, if you want to use the admin Panel, which is optional.


I fully agree to @texnixe:

But I think, an updated doc ‘Getting Started’ can help you more.