How to convert a HTML template to Kirby

I have theme design , And how do I add theme to getkirby?
And does anyone know the service to do this?
Thanks Very!

Usually, Kirby themes (on are a complete Kirby installations, so there is nothing to add to anything, unless the theme author left out the /kirby folder.

There is no way in Kirby to swap just one “theme” for another by pressing a button, because the templates depend very much on the content structure.

Another thing that people sometimes do is pick up some sort of HTML template and integrate that with Kirby.

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you mean. Please clarify!

Yes. What I mean is: “pick up some sort of HTML template and integrate that with Kirby”
I have complete HTML template and i want integrate with kirby .
How do I start? How to integrate?
can give me instructions?
Thanks Very.

I can’t give you detailed instructions, just some general hints:

  1. Start with reading the Kirby documentation to get an idea how Kirby works, especially the parts about creating content, blueprints and templates.
  2. Think about what pages you need and what content they should contain
  3. Create a useful content structure with the fields you need and build the blueprints for it
  4. Convert the html templates to php templates, removing any hard-coded content and replacing it with content from the newly created content files by fetching them via PHP/Kirby’s API.

do you want to know how to submit your custom theme (+kirby folder etc) to the list?

in the footer of the website there is a link called add theme which leads to a page with detailed instructions.

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Please, tell more, are you good at html, css, php? Also can you upload your theme here, or link to theme online, so I can see what it consists of? Will be easier to understand where to start.

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Be careful with using HTML templates you found somewhere on the net. Do not use them without having made sure that the license covers converting these template. On the website only works that are your own are accepted. @bnomei already linked to the rules above.

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@dat.nguyen, if you still need help, let me know, also I can convert theme for you.

Thanks bnomei, i’ll see this link:

Hi Roma, I not good at php, im is designer. creation template . And i complete template i’ll give help convert to html and css optimize.
And i want sticking with getkirby.
Thanks you!

Yes texnixe, Im not found somewhere. Im a designer.
After i complete theme , i’ll give up to getkirby.
Thanks you.

If you need any help you can ask me!

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Thanks very diezmilseres