Using Kirby 3 with themes made for Kirby 2

Hi :slight_smile:
I am interested on a theme found on the website. The theme is made for Kirby 2 and I am wondering: what could happen if I buy it and want to use it with Kirby 3?

Do I need to change the code of the Template?

The template is this

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ve went through a few updates of Kirby 2 -> 3 myself, and there were always small things that needed to be looked after. But those were usually rather β€œsmall”, and I found the migration guide quite helpful.

I’m not familiar with the theme as such, but maybe try to get in touch with its developer?

You will definitely have to make changes to the code. And whether or not those are small changes or not depends on how much custom code/extensions/plugins are used in the theme. Without this information, it’s impossible to tell.

If the theme uses plugins, you would need to know if these plugins were updated to work with Kirby 3.

I’d contact the theme author for information.