Splitview - New plugin with splitscreen preview


Now I released a version (we can call it 0.91) which for me works with the PHP server. Can you try it out? If your on a Mac, can you try if the keyboard shortcut work after these changes?



Yay! It works fine now, the shortcut on Mac OS, and running it with the PHP server. Well done @jenstornell!

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Finally! Thanks for your time with the testing!

To summerize: Deletion of some slashes and dots solved these problems.

@servicethinker Does it work for you now? Can I close this issue?


Kirby Splitview for panelBar

Do you use Splitview and the panelBar plugin? Or do you want to be able to click on something to bring up the Splitview, instead of the keyboard shortcut?

Then the Kirby Splitview for panelBar might be what you are looking for. It add a link to the panelBar. The screenshot shows the panelBar (not the Splitview).


You do something like this to make it work. More info in the docs .

c::set('panelbar.elements', array(

Credit goes to @distantnative for helping me with this plugin and for creating the panelBar plugin.


i have tested it in Knoppix (Linux) the Browser is Chromium :smiley:

Abandon Splitview - Do you want to take over?

I’m abandon this project and will not add any more updates to it.

If you want to take over the development, just send me a message or a comment and I will give you the repo.


  • I’ve tested it in a real live production environment and it did not work as well as I was expecting.
  • I took a long time to build and it will probably do if I’ll continue.
  • It does not support multi language.
  • I agree with many that it should preview before the save, not after. Splitview can’t do that.

Reveal - New plugin

I’m making a completely new plugin called “Reveal”. It’s kind of a replacement for Splitview but from the inside and without the extras.

Some short info about it:

  • It’s a panel field, registered from a plugin.
  • It extends the textarea field.
  • Preview before save.
  • Splitscreen.
  • Add css file to get your style.
  • Add html template to get your markup.
  • Is using Ajax which means it takes kirbytext tags and other stuff into account.

Except for a few minor things + docs I’m already done. There is a reveal plugin on my Github account, but don’t use it. It’s far from the same thing.


Congrats on the initial effort for SplitView though, I agree that it would probably be a beast to maintain and make sure it works in more situations for more people. Sometimes letting a project go and going for something simpler based on your hard-won experience is the right move. :100:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, if my heart is not there for the project, I’m not the one for it.

One reason the new one is much simpler is that when doing it like I do now, from the inside of the panel, many of the features are simply not needed anymore.

Too bad it took a lot of effort in building Splitview to realize that. I guess it’s learning by doing…

Teaser of the new Reveal plugin

What do you think about this? It’s probably close to the final version.

  • This preview is activated by a button next to the textarea.
  • It’s closed by an X in the upper right corner.
  • The content is parsed, for example kirbytext tags.
  • A green line shows what field is active, in this case the second field.

Click image to make it large

Now is the best time for feedback, ideas, questions etc.



Haha! I’m already following reveal on github even though it says ‘DON’T USE IT’. I knew it would turn out amazing!

Is it in a state where we can test t to provide feedback? I’m not sure my feedback now with just the screeshot would be any worth.

Keep up the awesome work!

It’s rewritten and not really the same field as that repo anymore. You can try it but don’t have any expectations at all. :slight_smile:

I’ll open a new post when the real plugin is there.

Sounds promising!
Quick idea, possibly totally dumb: you wrote it extends the textarea field, so I guess we have to use a “Reveal” field to get this feature. It means if I want to preview a markdown field I’m out of luck? So what about using such a field as a preview of other fields? In the blueprint we would give a list of the fields it can preview.

Yes, you are right. At the current state it only supports the textarea field. However, if the textarea field is overwritten by another textarea field, it will probably work as well.

An example is this one by @thguenther:

Markdown field

Maybe I’ll add support for the markdown field as well, but probably not in the first version.

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I’m now very close to release for the new Reveal plugin. It will probably be released next week.

Here is another teaser:

Click to enlarge:

Feedback are always welcome.

Have a nice weekend!


Greta plugin! Any news about release date?
Thanks! :wink:

There is a working version, but there are some details I’m not fully happy with yet, so it’s on hold. When I need it myself again I will finish it. :slight_smile:

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You can’t compare, but the YAMKE field has a side-by-side editing mode (with live preview).

Kirby YAKME - yet another kirby markdown editor

Like I said; you can not compare a WYWIWYG-preview with the Editor Field I mention here, but maybe it can come in handy for some of us.


To compare the new Reveal field with Yakme (from my perspective):


  • An editor
  • Very fast preview (JS)


  • Inherit the textarea and add a preview mode to that.
  • Live front end preview with the real output including kirbytext tags etc (Ajax)


  • Both fields have a splitscreen mode.

I hope to support Yakme at some point to the Reveal field. Could be a really powerful combo.