Plugin: Menu Plugin - Plugin Testers Required

Hey All,

I’m looking for some Kirby users to test a plugin I’ve made and will be releasing very soon. Its a custom panel view for creating menus in a similar way to what you would do when using wordpress.

You can browse through all the current pages in Kirby and add them to a navigation menu, from there you can drag each item to create sub menus and customise the link properties such as the url, target, add classes and a few more features to come.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots and if anyone would be interested in giving this a try, please let me know :slight_smile:


A development version which is slightly out of date but gives you the idea of how this plugin will work. The pages list on the left can will let you browse all the pages on the site, and then can add to the menu on the right.

Access each menu by calling the navigation method and passing through the menu id you created in the panel.


All the menus created through the plugin are saved in one field, in a similar format to the below - as many menus can be created as you like.


Cool, I think many will love this. Does it have an option to add external links as well?

I’d love to test this.

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Hi @texnixe,

Awesome, send me a PM with your email address, I should be able to send out a link to a repo for you later in the week :slight_smile:, need to make a few refinements over the next few days but it’s very nearly there.

Edit: it does have the option to add custom and external links :slight_smile:


Hi! Is this going to be commercial plugin or it will be MIT/open-source licensed? Why not just release it on Github. I would surely test it :slight_smile:

I’m unsure on what license to attach at the moment, although it will be a free plugin I guess I’ll get it finished up first and then decide.

PM your email though and I’ll get a pre-production version sent over to you if you’d still like to test it out :slight_smile: