Splitview - New plugin with splitscreen preview

I get the same error even with that if statement unfortunately.

I tried to reinstall the plugin and the site works just fine until I login to the panel. Then the error occurs both in the front and the panel.

I’m gonna give it another go later today on a fresh installation and get back to you. This particular machine have some pretty hefty mods done to the WAMP so it’s probably why I’m getting the errors right now.

I’ve heard that plugins that minify html can make problems. If you have something like that, try to inactivate it and see if that works.

Do you have a different url to the panel instead of just /panel/?

Splitview 0.6 - Autosync


Most code changes has to do with resizing the width.


Now you can change the width of each section in column view. It’s good for seeing what you are doing, or for testing the site in a mobile resolution.

  • Set a predefined width.
  • Set a custom size.
  • Set a custom unit (px or %).


If you activate Autosync in the flash menu, every time you save it does not only refresh the other iframe, it also sync it. With sync I mean load the page that just got saved.

Design change

I move away from Kirby design style just a little bit.

  • Changed Font Awesome to Entypo+ as SVG files. It gave perfect pixel size and reduced file size.
  • Changed from the font “Source Sans Pro” to Arial which improves loading time.
  • Changed the green active color.
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0.7 - Zoom



Zoom in and out is built in by default in the browser, but it will zoom in the whole site, in this case both sides of the splitview.

Now you can now zoom in and out in the sections independently.

Zoom features:

  • Plus and minus buttons for increasing and decreasing zoom factor
  • Custom number input to add your custom number
  • Reset for setting the zoom factor to 1 (100%)

I can recommend to use the keyboard keys or the wheel on the mouse.

In the screenshot both sections uses the zoom feature in different ways.

Address hover preview

We already have a feature that when we click on the address it expands.

As an addition to that you can now also hover one of the Splitview addresses to see a preview of the address in the footer, just like the browser hover preview of a link.

Shorter url

Before both panel slug and page slug was sent to Splitview (as get variables). Now only the page slug need to be sent which means a shorter Splitview url.


0.8 - Distraction free writing

Distraction free writing

It’s a feature that WordPress has. It makes the distractions disapear so you can only focus on the content.

Click on “Views” > “Distraction” free writing.

What it hides:

I resized the browser window just to show that things are hidden.

  • Splitview bars disapears. Just focus on this page with the current settings.
  • Panel bars disapears. You cannot navigate from this page in this view mode.
  • In general it removes navigation and options and keep what you need to edit the page.

In distraction free writing mode

It shows a tiny bar at the bottom which you can click on to get back.

  • It’s at the bottom because for some reason the user find the bars on top distracting.
  • It’s added below the iframes. It means nothing is overlapped. No distraction on top of the content.
  • It’s a bar, not a button because it has this space. Why not use it?
  • It’s small and almost invisible, to make it as less distracting as possible.
  • It’s not white and not black, something in between to make it less distracting on most type of color themed sites.

As always, try it out to have a better understanding of it.


  • There was a problem when clicking the minus in the zoom tool. It’s fixed.
  • The zoom buttons have been switched place. Minus to the left and plus to the right feels more correct.

This amazing & practical Kirby plugin goes from strength, to strength, to strength!

Thanks for all your hard work. :smile:

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Thanks! :smiley:

It’s my tiny fanbase that keeps me going. :wink:


Is there a way to contribute translations for this plugin?


It looks like the labels are currently hardcoded in the templates. I agree that it would be awesome if they could be translated.

Not at the moment but I added an issue here: https://github.com/jenstornell/splitview/issues/99

I can look into it next week.

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0.9 - Translations


A minor release that only have one feature, language support.

Currently there are two languages supported, english and swedish. It will automatically use the language set in your browser. If your language is missing it will fallback to english.

It will look like this if your browser has swedish language active

I’m more than happy to receive more translations and any feedback around the topic. It looks like below:


@Malvese @texnixe @lukasbestle

I tried it on a fresh Starterkit, as soon as I add Splitview to the site/plugins directory I get this error in both the front and Panel:

Warning: require_once(/../languages/en.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Users/Administrateur/Sites/starterkit/site/plugins/splitview/core/language-switcher.php on line 13

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/../languages/en.php' (include_path='.:') in /Users/Administrateur/Sites/starterkit/site/plugins/splitview/core/language-switcher.php on line 13

(using php -S as a test server)

I’m really sorry for the trouble. I made some changes in the paths / dirs. I hope it will fix the problem. On my localhost both version works but this is probably more safe. Can you try it out?



No worries! I tried your new code and it indeed works :slightly_smiling:
Another issue : I’m on a Mac and the shortcut doesn’t seem to work (FF and Chrome tested). I can see the plugin markup <!-- Splitview # End -->… so it is loaded but not triggered.

Edit, found a incorrect path: http://localhost:8000/splitview/assets/js/dist/site.min.js but it should be …site/plugins/splitview…

Kirby prevents direct access to the plugin asset files so some routes are added.

Can you access this url by visiting it in the browser?


No, but http://localhost:8000/site/plugins/splitview/assets/js/dist/site.min.js works when I hit it directly in the browser

The routes doesn’t work for you, but the plugin assets does. The opposite to how it should work. I don’t know if it would work if you send me the whole site but I guess not if it’s a clean install. I don’t have the answer to this at the moment becase I can’t replicate the problem.

About the keyboard shortcut. If it does not work on a Mac I will try to find a way to fix it soon.

I added the same kind of fix in the routes.php (replaced “/” with “DS” on some places). Now there are not a single slash left in the paths. Try it out?


Thanks, but i didn’t solve the issue, the paths remain the same.
I simply cloned the starterkit and installed Splitview. You can reproduce my “environment” by using php -S localhost:8000 :wink:
I’ll try tonight with MAMP, perhaps PHP’s local server is the problem.

I did that and found out that there is a problem with this setup. This is what I found out.

When having this:

'pattern' => self::$route . '/assets/js/dist/(:any)',

it matches this:


but not this:


It means that with this setup it cannot handle urls with dots. I will ask about this in another thread to see if anyone knows what the h*** is going on here. :confused:


I asked about it here: