Should all Kirby 2 sites be updated to Kirby 3?

I am wondering if it is recommended to update all Kirby 2 sites to Kirby 3? After looking at the rather lengthy instructions to complete the V2 to V3 updates I am thinking it might be best to continue running Kirby 2 for my current projects and use Kirby 3 for all new development. Any thoughts from others on this strategy?

I was asking myself the same question and I think I’m not going to update my K2 sites. They’re all running fine and are all using very up to date versions of php (they’re all running on 7.2).

I’m sure @bastianallgeier will push out security updates for K2 if something major pops up.

I am going to use K3 for new projects.

I’d say it depends, in the long run, it will probably be better to update Kirby 2 sites, but it is certainly not required. Personally, I will not update clients’ K2 sites unless they demand (and pay for) it.


unless they demand (and pay for) it.

So you won’t update their sites :grin:

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Most of these projects run without the Panel and wouldn’t really profit from an update.

This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping to get. Thanks!

Can the Kirby team confirm that K2 security updates are planned if something major pops up?

Yes, as far as I’m informed, we will still provide security updates if something pops up, but I can’t give you any guarantees for how long.