Kirby 2.5.13 is here; update on future v2 support

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a new Kirby 2 version :scream:

After the launch of v3, we initially decided to keep supporting Kirby 2 until December 31st, 2019. But during last year, we saw that many older projects still kept using v2 and decided against an upgrade. As much as we would love to carry everyone over to v3, we completely understand this decision. There’s not always the budget or the time for an upgrade to a major new version. The upgrade is after all not always just a quick matter of replacing the kirby folder.

That’s why we finally decided to add another year of security support for v2. The new EOL date for v2 is now December 31st, 2020.

With this decision, we wanted to make sure that v2 is capable of running on the latest PHP version, which is now PHP 7.4. This is what this release is all about. Although Kirby 2 is still running fine on PHP 5.6+ our official recommendation for v2 is now PHP 7.2+. All serious hosting companies are upgrading their PHP versions anyway.

We are really sorry if you hoped for new features or bug fixes for v2. While we want to keep on releasing such maintenance releases and security fixes (if necessary) we are no longer actively developing v2. There will be no new features and no bug fixes for old bugs. With a team of 5, there are simply no resources to keep developing two major versions side by side. Our focus is most definitely on v3.

How to upgrade to 2.5.13

If you are still running an old v2 installation and you want to make use of PHP 7.4, you can now download the updated kirby and panel folders here:

Replace your old kirby and panel folders and you are ready to go.

BTW: this is not a security release. There’s no urgency to update if your site is already running on 2.5.12 and you don’t want to upgrade to PHP 7.4.