Panel not found after switching to new php Version

Now I get this error:

Error thrown with message "Cannot access protected property Kirby\Cms\App::$roots"

#1 Error in /var/www/html/www/site.php:30
#0 require in /var/www/html/www/index.php:10

my /var/www/html/www/site.php:30 looks like this:

$kirby->roots->site = __DIR__ . DS . 'site';

:thinking: Not really used to Kirby 2 anymore, have to check if anything has changed…

Which version of Kirby did you download? This looks like you accidentally downloaded Kirby 3 instead of the latest version of Kirby 2?

This is the latest Kirby 2 release:

You’re right, I did download Kirby 3. Now I downloaded Kirby 2.5.13 updated my Kirby folder. Now I again with the 404 error on my panel.

I totally forgot to mention that you also need a matching panel folder from here:

I did update my panel. I took both links from this post: Kirby 2.5.13 is here; update on future v2 support

Still I get the 404 on my panel

And your .htaccess is the original one?

No, but I tested with the default .htaccess and got the same result

Do subpages work or only the start page?

Is the mb_string extension enabled?

Subpages work. I had a Issue with a Contact Form, but I was able to fix this myself.

I checked my phpinfo for mbstring and found this:

Multibyte decoding support using mbstring	enabled

Is this right?

Hm, that looks ok. Are you using any Panel plugins?

I have 4 Plugins: focus, kirby-revisions, uniform and vcards.
I don’t think any of them have anything to do with the panel, but I’m not sure.

Please check and make sure that you are using the latest versions of these plugins (the ones for Kirby 2) to make sure they are also compatible with PHP 7.x.

kirby-revisions is deprecated, anyway, I think.

I tried to deactivate all Plugins and I still couldn’t reach panel.
I’m still stuck on this problem.

Is there any other hint you can give me?

Let’s get some order into this again and see where we currently are:

  • Have you updated Kirby and the Panel to 2.5.13?

  • Are we talking about the local Docker container, the live site or both?

  • Is PHP really set to 7.1+ (make sure by checking phpinfo())?

  • Have you also tried to install a fresh 2.5.13 Starterkit to check if that works?

In older versions, I was getting the same error. Its fixed when they updated to 2.5.12/13.

I have swapped the kirby and the panel folder with the newes Update. This is enough to Update or do I have to set some settings?

I’m working in a local Docker Container with ddev.

PHP is set to 7.2 according to the phpinfo

I tried with a fresh Starterkit and couldn’t access the panel on there neither. Does this mean that anything is wrong with my local Setup? Other Sites I have installed locally run fine.

Yes, swapping the /kirby and /panel folders is enough, no other settings required.

With a fresh Starterkit, what is the error you get when trying to access the Panel?


The page has not been found.

The same error, just in the Starterkit Design.

Hm, I have no idea.

If mod_rewrite is enabled and all subpages work and the .htaccess file is present and not ignored, and the mb_string extension, then everything should actually work.

Have you only tested the 2.5.13 Starterkit in your Docker container or also on the live server?