Kirby 2 ready for PHP 7.3.x


Would like to know if Kirby CMS Version “2” is ready for PHP 7.3.x?
We do not need the panel only the basic features of the CMS…

Thanks for your response and help!

Cheers, Thorsten

I have updated the PHP version on my local machine to 7.3 this week and all Kirby projects I have tested are running without errors.


Thanks…that sounds good!! And what does the official site say to running Kirby 2 under PHP 7.3.x?

Is there also an End-of-Life timeline for Kirby 2 out there? I have seen that Version 3 is out, now. For our plans, it would be great to know how long Version 2 will get support from know one…

How long - feature support…
How long - security support…
if that is a difference…

Regards, Thorsten

The website doesn’t mention support for PHP 7.3 but as far I’m aware there’s no new feature or deprecation in that version that breaks support for Kirby 2.

Regarding Kirby 2, I remember reading it will continue to receive security updates but not new features.

We have not tested Kirby 2 with PHP 7.3, but it should work fine. If not, we will try our best to make compatibility fixes.

We will provide security support for Kirby 2 for the time being. How long is not yet decided, but given that security issues don’t pop up very often anyway, we will definitely not just ignore them. Security is a high priority for us.
Features will most likely not be added, but bug fixes and smaller improvements may be. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

Ok - thank you! That sounds very good! :slight_smile: