I'm new to Kirby - should I spend time learning v2 or wait until v3 is released?

Hi - I’m new to Kirby, I’m a long-term WordPress developer trying it out of curiosity and potentially to see in which situations a Kirby site could be an alternative/better option for clients.

Is v3 going to be massively different, so I would be better off waiting until it’s released before I dive in deeply, or if I spend time learning v2 now will all/most of it be applicable to v3?

And will v3 be backwards-compatible with sites built on v2?

The Kirby API will basically be compatible, so what you learn today, will still be applicable to Kirby 3.

There will be some breaking changes, but it shouldn’t be to difficult to convert a Kirby 2 site to a Kirby 3 site (unless you use plugins that will not be updated) and as far as I know there will also be some tools that should make the process as painless as possible.

The main changes will be in the Panel and plugins.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. I really like Kirby so far, looking forward to seeing what the v3 release adds :slight_smile:

@simonblackbourn If you are really curious and want to test an alpha version to see what is ahead, you can support Kirby 3 development by buying one of the support packages:


Just saying…

Welcome to Kirby…