Server error in hosting

Hi, I’ve run into some issues with not knowing too much about server errors. Ive uploaded Kirby to my windows server (apache 7) and I’m getting this error.

Any advice would gratefully received. Thanks

Don’t know much about Windows servers, but maybe this GitHub issue is helpful:

Thanks for your reply. Seems that in folowing that thred it leads me to believe I need a decent web.config file.

Can anyone offer me any kirby friendly web hosting options, please?

See this thread:

By your domain name it looks like you are in the UK, so I would suggest Krystal Hosting. They provide hosting to Cadbury, Nike, the NHS and the Financial Times.

I know it says Wordpress hosting, but the specs will run Kirby more then nicely.

Having run PHP stuff on windows before, and run into similar errors, you basically need a windows server extension installed that translates the .htaccess file into a web.config on the fly. You would have to talk to your host about this. I forget what its called but they will know it. Im surprised it isnt install already.

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Thanks to all. Very grateful.

I’ve contacted my hosting to enquire.

No problem. If you are on shared windows hosting, they may be reluctant to install it as it will effect all users of the box. If that is the case then I would move to Krystal or some other linux host.