KirbyCMS wont work?

i just bought Kirby today and downloaded the latest version of it.
But it won´t work on my vserver from hosteurope, i just uploaded it and thought
it will work.

As you can see on - you see nothing.
After that i tried it with ampps on my local machine but there I get only this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /Applications/AMPPS/www/kirby/kirby/classmap.php on line 3

What do I wrong?


Check your PHP version on your local machine, Kirby requires 5.4+.

it´s running on 5.6 at the moment.


Have you checked your PHP version with phpinfo()? I have only seen this error with a wrong PHP version…

Ah…ye it was the wrong php version. The local server did not change the version. But now its fine.
But how can i solve the problem on my domain?


First of all, I would enable debugging in the /site/config/config.php file:

c::set('debug', true);

Or check your php log file (if you have access to it).

If you have a Problem with the Routing:
Did you try to enable the RewriteBase in the .htaccess

# In some enviroments it's necessary to
# set the RewriteBase to:
RewriteBase /

Did you solve your problem? I had difficulties, too, and it needed a phone call to fix the thing, see also this: Install to Hosteurope.

Hello :slight_smile:
I finally found out that my PHP 5.6 on my vserver does not work correctly.
I am going to call Hosteurope later and hopefully they will help me!