Server config issue on starterkit

Hello Kirby community,

This is more about server configuration than kirby itself. I have a website located in server/subfolder/mysite. When modifiying the .htacces to reflect on that setup :
RewriteBase /~nujus/starterkit-main
I get the pages but not the images.
And when I try to go to the panel I get an The accounts directory could not be created error, but as I looked to the permissions all my folders are set to 755 and files to 644.

Here the starterkit : Mægazine | Home

Any help or inputs, ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance and have a great day,

What about file/folder ownership, make sure that www-data (or whatever your webserver user is) owns the folders.

if you follow your image-link, there is a error, that the media-folder cannot be created. i also guess that is an permission-issue.

As @moonwalk pointed out, which permissions have been provided is only one aspect, another aspect is who has got the pemissions. 755 means that the 7 is assigned to the owner of the file/dir, the next number (5) is assigned to the group, and the last (5) to the rest of world or others.
Hence, the 7 means, that the owner can read (4), write (2) and execute (1) the file/dir, while “execute” literally is only applicable to files. With respect to directories “execute” means “can change into”. The group and others can only read (4) and execute/change into (1) the file/dir.
So, if the user, who is running the webserver process (or php-fpm process, in case this is used), is not the owner of the files and directories, the webserver/php-fpm is not able to write into these files and directories, which in case of the latter means that no directories could be created.

The solutions to this situation is either to make the webserver/php-fpm the owner of everything, or change the permissions to 775 and 664 resp. and make sure that the webserver/php-fpm user is member of the group of these files/directories.

There are even more solutions but these are the easiest to accomplish while still not too insecure.

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Thanks it was indeed a user issue on the webserver.