Content Folder Permissions on create

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I recently switched our site from Middleman to Kirby and everyone loves it. Unfortunately I have a problem with the folder permissions if a user creates a new page in the panel. The directory is created with 755 and files with 644 as permission. As I need to update the page via ssh the folder has to have 775 and the files 664. Is there any undocumented setting for the config to set the default permission on folder creation?

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Finally found the solution:

in site/config/config.php you can set:

Dir::$defaults['permissions'] = 0775;

As Kirby uses php’s mkdir the umask of the server is also important. If this is set to 022 the folders will still be created with 0755.


I added this code to my config.php, and my current umask is 002, but folders are still being created with 0755… Do I need to change my umask to something different?