When I open domain, it's downloading blank file instead of opening it

Using webmin and tried to install php 7.4, php 8

The problem is probably in server configuration, but still, maybe someone knows how to solve this.

Looks like it should be ok now. But another problem is Kirby is trying to create files and folders (like media and cache), and server doesn’t allow it, didn’t find solution how to change it.

The last problem is most probably due to missing rights of the user/group the webserver is running as and the user/group who owns the folder where these subfolders and files needs to be created. There are multiple possible solutions, each of them with different pros and cons but it is not possible to recommend something without knowing the environment and your capabilities on the server where the website is hosted.

Thank you. Yes, it was with rights, but I thought that all files and folders will not get auto permissions, that are needed for Kirby, but I just created some main folders and files and set permissions manually, now it’s working, inner folders and files for content in media were created.