Problem with thumb creation in media-folder


i’ve got a problem i never had before with a kirby page on a live server (PHP: 7.3):

All images that are uploaded via the panel get the wrong access rights (not readable), so they appear in the files section of the page, but without thumb and calling them via media-url ends in a “no-access” error.

As soon as i change the access rights of the file via ftp it works all fine.

Does anybody have a hint for me what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a job for the hosting provider. What happens if you delete the media folder entirely on the server? Kirby should recreate it if the permissions for the hosting are correct. i suspect the permissions on the media folder itself (and possibly the subfolders too) are wrong.

My usual trick on servers that i cant SSH into is to zip the site up and use the file manager in the hosting control panel to upload it and then unpack it into the web root. That way, the files get written with all the correct settings. That doesnt always happen via FTP.

after deleting the entire media folder and refreshing the site, the media folder is recreated, but its empty (the media-folder has no write-access.

i already contacted the provider. They blamed “this tiny unknown cms system” :angry:

I’ll give your trick a try! Thanks for that :slight_smile:

That sounds like a good reason to choose another provider!

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it is, but its the site of a customer that is not willing to change :confused:

By the way: there was a kirby2 site on the same server before which worked fine.

Maybe its a problem with the php temp folder. You said in your first post that it happened after 7.3 was used. Maybe it has been mis configured. Are you able to to switch to PHP 7.2 and see if it persists? Then atleast you can tell the hosting provider to look into it.