Media folder not copying images

Hi all, I’m having an issue on my production server where images are 404’ing because the files aren’t being copied over from the /content folder. Kirby seems to be able to write, as the correct folder structure is being generated.

EDIT: I should also note that I’m using Kirby as a headless cms if that makes any difference. Manually outputting the files via `page->files() in a template doesn’t seem to work either.

For reference I’m running Kirby 3.3.2 with NGINX and php7.3-fpm.

Any ideas?

Are you using GD or Imagemagick? are they up to date on the server? The only time i’ve seen this is when trying to use one or the other and its not installed or something. Also, try searching the forum, I know theres a been a couple of threads about this in the past. generally its something missing or misconfigured on the server, rather then a Kirby problem.

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Maybe an issue with your Nginx config? No thumbnails generated on Nginx

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