"The accounts directory could not be created" after fresh install on Mac

Hello! I’ve downloaded and tried to install Starterkit on my Mac (Catalina, PHP 7.3). After putting files to its directory the site works correctly. When I’ve tried to get to the Panel for the first time Kirby asked me to make the sessions directory writable. After I set permissions for the sessions dir 777 the only I saw on panel/login was “The accounts directory could not be created” :slightly_frowning_face: And also there was an error in debug panel:

code: 403
details: [] (0)
exception: “Kirby\Exception\PermissionException”
file: “/kirby/src/Cms/System.php”
key: “error.permission”
line: 144
message: “The accounts directory could not be created”
route: “system”
status: “error”

Unfortunately I didn’t find anything about this error on the forum.

That looks as if you have a general folder/files permission issue: make sure folders are all 755 and files 644.

I fixed it by setting 777 permission for the content folder. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this step during setting up: recently I did this operation only for the media and sessions folders

Thank you!