Kirby Won't Install

For some reason I can not install Kirby locally.

Downloaded the last 2 versions and had the same issue. Site itself works, I just can’t view the panel. I can fire up other Kirby sites that I locally.

Very confused.

What is your environment? Are you using Mamp/Xampp or the built-in server? Or something else like a Vagrant box or Laravel Valet? What is your PHP version?
What exactly does not work? Are you redirected? Do you get an error message (enable debug or check your error and server logs)?

Sorry! I should know better by now.

Running PHP 5.6.10 on MAMP on Mac/Sierra.


  1. /site/accounts is not writable
  2. The thumbs folder must be writable.
  3. The content folder and all contained files and folders must be writable.
  4. /assets/avatars is not writable

Steps taken so far:

  1. Changed permissions to 755
  2. Checked other Kirby Sites and compared permissions
  3. Downloaded clean starter kit
  4. Checked that CHOWN is correct (looks to be – matches all my other kirby sites)

Checked logs, no errors are being posted.

And despite all those changes none of the error messages goes away? What if you set permissions to 777 for testing?

Changed thumbs to 777 and it removed that error.

Hm, if all permissions and file/folder ownership are set correctly, then the error messages should actually go away… Have you made sure to apply your permissions to the files and folders inside as well? I’m using Mamp on a Mac with Sierra with different PHP versions (no 5.6.10 though) as well and have never run into this issue.

So I run:
chmod -R 755 site/accounts

And the error reappears. Does that look right?