Plugin Version in Panel

I just looked into the System View in the Kirby Panel and saw a warning for my IndieConnector plugin, saying that I installed version 1.10.0 but the latest version is 1.9.1:

The current installed version is correct, the latest release is 1.10.0. Now I wonder why the system says 1.9.1 is the latest version. Did I do something wrong with my release or did I find a bug?

My version flow didn’t change for quite some time and it worked with the releases before 1.10.0. Github show the correct Version here: Releases · mauricerenck/indieConnector · GitHub and packagist also shows the correct version here: mauricerenck/indieconnector - Packagist

Maybe this is some kind of sorting problem? I ran into that when I displayed the version of my plugins in the panel before kirby added this feature. I used packagist for that and the sorting was like this by default:


Could you try to delete /site/cache/ directory?

I just did, but unfortunately that didn’t help

Hmm. Plugin versions coming from and your plugin version still points 1.9.1 in directory:

Maybe we have cache issue. Pinging @lukasbestle about the issue.

Should be correct now?

Yes, can confirm, it’s correct now. :slight_smile:

The problem still seems to exist. Another plugin that I installed was still displayed with the correct version number yesterday. Today the version is suddenly displayed incorrectly.