Versioncheck for Plugins

Hi there,

i have a plugin / template, which is accessable via composer, but the versioncheck in the backend is not working.

Does the plugin have to be published to kirby for that?

Timo Haas

What is your Kirby version? What do you mean it is not working? What is this version shown?


my kirby version is 3.8.4. The is the version of the plugin on packagist and was installed via composer.
Now i wonder, why it doesnt recognize that is the newest version.


Which plugin is it?

Here’s a list of all kirby plugins published to packagist with their versions. I can’t find any :confused:

Thanks, pretty cool tool though!
The plugin is available via composer: khepri-design/khepri-base - Packagist
Do i have to define anywhere that this is for kirby or smth like that? I don’t want to publish it via Plugins | Kirby CMS yet, but want my customers to update via the panel.

I hope i explained it well, its the first time, i “publish” a plugin.

Kirby gets the version number either from the composer.json file or from vendor/composer/installed.php:

// if plugin doesn’t have version key in composer.json file
// try to get version from “vendor/composer/installed.php”

Yes, Kirby plugins need to have a "type": "kirby-plugin" property in their composer.json file. I think this is for the custom composer installer (you also need to require) so that the plugin gets installed into site/plugins/ and not into vendor/.

See an example here:


I don’t know if users can update via panel. AFAIK the panel only tells you if there is an update, it doesn’t give you an option to actually install it.

Hi, thanks i missed the “type” somehow.

okey i didnt know that this is just an information, thanks for the advice :slight_smile: