Kirby version information location

Does anyone know where the Kirby version information lives? I’d like to know which version (kickstarter) I’m using.

That would be $kirby::$version.

Right, thanks for that :slight_smile:

You can read the kirby version in the file kirby/kirby.php

In line 6 you can read e.g.:

static public $version = '2.0.6';

You can read the panel version in the file panel/app/panel.php

In line 5 you can read e.g.:

static public $version = '2.0.6';

I was asking myself what version I was running and decided to have my first go at panel widgets:

Very simple stuff, it shows the version of core and panel as a widget.

Nice, just one thing in your readme, the version folder should be placed in site/widgets.

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