Plain language - Accessibility and multi language setup


I’m looking for a way to use plain language as an additional language in Kirby.

The default language of the project is german and I tried to just use the same language code (de) for my secondary “language” for plain language (“Einfache Sprache”) but that doesn’t work: the default language disappears from the panel. According to accessibility guides I can’t just use another language code, because of screenreaders that take the given language and match the pronunciation.

Can anyone think of a way to do that? Are there any best practices?

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You definitely have to use a unique language code, for example deu, because this code is also added to the text files and in the URL.

When outputting the language code, for example in the lang-attribute of the HTML tag which is what screenreaders take into account, you can then modify the code to read de instead of deu.

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So easy :grinning:
Thank you pixelijn!