Showing two languages side-by-side in the panel


I must admit that I have some trouble maintaining two languages (DE and EN) in parallel on my site – it’s not very complex, but my workflow is definitely sub-par: I edit things in one language, try to remember them all, and then I edit the same things in the other. Not good, especially for small details!

Taking a walk today, I had an idea: Would it be possible to setup the panel in a way to have two languages (with all their fields) displayed next to each other?

(Here comes my idea, photoshopped.)

All the best, and keep it up! :slight_smile:

The only “out-of-the-box” way that comes to mind is to not use Kirby multi-language feature but use German and English fields in a single page. But that would come at the downside that you loose features like non-translatable fields and the language features in general.

Another option would be to have a copy of all fields in the default language and copy those values to the English version on update via a hook.

But if you create your pages in the default language, Kirby shows you the fields to translate and there default language content for easy translation, provided that you translate everything at once. Of course, changes you make later are then no longer visible in the non-default languages.

Or you would have to overwrite the page views, no idea if that’s easily possible, given that you would have to change the logic what fields would be stored to which translation.

Thank you for the expert opinion! I’ll investigate some options to optimize my workflow based on that :slight_smile:

Would there be an easy way to implement keyboard-based switching between languages in the panel? I think it’s the scrolling and the language dropdown menu selection that interrupt my workflow.

If I were able to switch between the 1st and 2nd language via Alt-1, Alt-2 or have a “Next Language” toggle shortcut, that would allow rapid comparisons between the languages.

I don’t think such a shortcut exists, at least I’m not aware of it.

This idea would sadly only barely work on sites with 2 languages.
But how about sites with 3 or more?

I say your best bet is to add the language keyboard shortcut idea here