Panel doesn't show english labels

I’ve created a multilingual website in German (main language) and English and I have encountered the following mistake in the editing panel: The labels for the English version are not displayed.
What can be the reason?
The website works fine otherwise. It would not be the end of the world if that did not work, but of course it would be better if the user also recognized via the labels which language he is working on.

That is probably a misunderstanding of how translated labels work. The labels do not change depending on the language you choose from the language switcher, but depending on the user language selected in the user profile.

Ooooh, I see!
Yes, misunderstanding there, everything works as it should be.

Thank you for your explanation!

Hi, I fall into this misunderstanding myself.

I would prefer to show the translated blueprints after switching languages in the panel.
It would be more obvious for the user, which language s/he´s editing.
If someone is able to translate the content for the desired language, s/he should be able to understand the translated fields for that language too.

Is there a way to get this behaviour working in the panel?

That wouldn’t really make sense because there is more to translating the Panel then just the labels in the blueprint defined forms.

So the language should really depend on the user preference, not on the chosen language.

Also, filling in the text of a selected language doesn’t necessarily mean that the user understands the target language. Maybe he/she etc. just get’s the texts from somewhere and has to fill them into the correct Panel fields.

At least that makes sense to me and is probably the reason why it was designed like that.

Would be really weird if the complete Panel interface would change language if I switch to another language. Would be also weird if the labels in a form were different from the rest of the Panel.

I can totally see your points.

I don´t want to change the default behaviour of the kirby panel.

And maybe I´m the only one with this weird »intuition« of switching the full backend-language when switching the language, but…

Is there a simple way to get this work for me?

No, I don’t think so, you would have to hack the source code and that might have side effects, apart from the fact that you would have to make these changes every time you update.

I doubt that it very user friendly to change the interface with each switching of the language. Usually a user selects the interface language once and then leaves at that. You don’t change your browser interface language just because you are currently reading an article in another language.

ok, I definitely won´t hack the source.
thanks texnixe