Switch language

I wanted to try this: http://getkirby.com/docs/panel/blueprints/form-fields
but it doesnt work. i hope you can help me :frowning:

this is how my blueprint looks like:

and this is the config.php:

What do you mean by “it does not work”. For it to work, you need to change the user language, does it work then?

no, we have a website. its in german right now, but we want it in english too (multiple languages ) . and we want to edit the content for both language!

As I said, you need to switch the user language in the Panel, i.e. in the user profile.

If you switch an existing (single language) website to a multi-language one you need to rename your content files – for example from home.txt to home.de.txt. Otherwise strange things can happen …


Maybe this is the problem?! Just a guess …

@flokosiol You may be right, but @mutenr was talking about the labels and not very specific about the problem.

Anyway, in case it is about the labels not translating, here’s a little screencast:

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Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing things up.

Your screencast is a great explanation. Switching the page’s language in the top right corner of the panel is not enough – you need to switch the user’s language.

Sorry that wasn’t my Issue. I found this option http://getkirby.com/docs/panel/blueprints/form-fields, to set a few languages as label, so when we switch the language, we also want the label to be in the right language. But it doesn’t change! The diffrente content is working totally fine :slightly_smiling:

aber in deinen Screencast, bleibt title auch title, auch wenn du die Sprache umstellst ?

Yes, I was too lazy to add a German label for the title :slightly_smiling: But of course, it works with the title as well.

ah thanks, the indentation was incorrect :smiley:


PS: Please write in English in the future so that other users can understand it as well.

but not everyone is an english pro^^