Translating blueprints

Hi Kirby support team,

I am trying to translate some tags within my blueprints.

I found the following official Kirby documentation where he explains how to do it.

:link: Translating blueprints | Kirby CMS

This is the example of my code in my project.yml file:

      en: Image thumbnail
      es: Miniatura de la imagen
    translate: true
    type: files
    width: 1/2
    help: Format .JPG

But at the time of making the switch between languages within the panel, it does not perform the translation.

I await your answer and help.

Thank you!

Those translation strings become part of the user interface. The user interface language changes, when a user changes their language (i.e. together with the other strings used in the Panel for menus, dialogs etc.), not when you change the site language.

Hi texnixe,

Thank you very much for the reply.

Do you know if there is any solution to translate the labels of my fields in the blueprint when changing the language in the project content?

I await your answer and help.


Not that I know of. Would this really make sense? Because you would end up with a mixed language interface.

Come to think of it, maybe you can do it with query language now, havenโ€™t tested.

Hi texnixe,

It is a requirement of a client. You want to have multiple languages (Spanish and English) and that the blueprint labels are translated based on the language change for the panel content. Because he tells me that it doesnโ€™t get a bit confusing to edit the content.

He commented that according to me there was no reference solution. But with this that you tell me I can confirm it more clearly.